Clickbait Headlines Vol. II: 2 Fast 2 Clickbait

  1. Five Sexy Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend He’s Not Your Real Dad
  2. This Man Drew a Face on His Thumb and What Happened Next is Devastating
  3. My Yoga Instructor Has Huge Balls and This is How I Found Out
  4. Clever Life Hack Helps Mom Successfully Abandon Her Kids at Mall
  5. Viral Video Shows Two Cartoon Characters Waiting for Godot
  6. Five Mind-Blowing Sex Tips for People Who Are Just Not Into It Anymore, Brad
  7. Quick Ten-Minute Easy Recipes for that Acid from Breaking Bad that Melts People’s Bodies
  8. Ten Ways to Stroll Through BevMo! And Not Indicate That You May Have a Problem
  9. HEART-WRENCHING VIDEO That Will Have You Asking “Where Are My Car Keys?”

This post originally appeared on Medium. You can read Clickbait Headlines Vol. I here.

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