Ellie’s journey is a Cinderella story, if the fairy godmother was made up of kind people who read blogs.

Ellie always loved writing; it was her portal to the world as a kid. However, as a first generation Latina woman without a financial safety net, she considered it a pipe dream and decided she’d be a doctor instead.

After graduating from USC with a degree in Human Biology, Ellie began working as an emergency room scribe. She started a Medium blog for fun in late 2015, thinking no one would read it. But her pieces got popular, hundreds of reads became thousands, and through the blog she managed to get her foot in the door as a production assistant at an animation studio. Ellie’s brain melted; could the dream to be a writer become a goal? All because of a silly blog she started only for herself?

It could. With lots of hard work, supportive loved ones, and a concerning amount of caffeine, Ellie learned the animation ropes and worked her way up from production assistant, to production coordinator, to script coordinator/writers assistant, to writing a couple of freelance scripts. She is currently an SC/WA on an unannounced show and will soon begin her third freelance script. She can’t wait to have enough power to make someone else’s dream come true like hers has.

So that’s Ellie. She enjoys writing anything and everything, from TV episodes and sketches and screenplays to satirical pieces and comedic short stories to feminist essays and articles on mental health. Her career goal is to be a TV writer in animation and live action, eventually running her own shows. She is repped at Gotham and has live action and animated spec scripts available upon request.

Inquiries can be sent to ellieguzman2@gmail.com.

Other random facts because she’s obsessed with herself:

  • Ellie is 27, first generation Salvadoran-American, and always sleepy
  • Her family dog is a 5 year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Colin and she would give her life for him
  • She’s held a variety of odd jobs, from working in colorectal cancer research, to IT support, to being a scribe in an emergency medicine department, to tutoring, to serving as an international data collector for Operation Smile research, to delivering food, to driving people around, to now being in animation (yay!)
  • She recommends you watch this


  1. I’m Korean hope I’m good looking ;D Just kidding, I don’t look it at all ): but I am. My mum lives in Korea most often ♡ I’m just…Lame skulking around a shitty state and trying to hitchike to NYC to save ze love of my life. I crept on your medium and here I am. I think you’re lovely and keep it all up! ★✦〜 (•ωヽ)‼♡


  2. Saw your work on Thought Catalog and I hope you continue to write and share your work!! Goodluck with the tv show producer aspirations and become a head writer too! Congrats on your success so far. What made you want to start blogging?


  3. I just read your story about the scale at the gym following a history of eating disorder and I’m sobbing. Because that’s me and my story and it doesn’t get told. Ever. Because I’m not “successful” with my eating disorder aka I’m still fat.

    So thank you. Dammit I can’t find enough literature about how to be kind to my body that’s not thin and for the health and comfort of itself it needs to be smaller.

    Thank you so much for being vulnerable. Because I have dealt with this for 12 years and am not over it or done and will deal with this for the rest of my life and so many of my loved ones respond so harshly to this subject I can’t write about it. Continue your fight and so will I.
    Sending love and light,
    Insta: @calexwebster


  4. Thank you for your piece “the balancing act…” It really hit home for me. It feels hopeful to know that I’m not alone and that it can get better.


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