Hi! I’m Ellie. My journey is a Cinderella story, if the fairy godmother was made up of kind people who read blogs.

I’ve always loved writing; it was my portal to the world as a kid. However, as a first generation Latina woman without a financial safety net, I considered it a pipe dream and decided I’d be a doctor instead.

After graduating from USC with a degree in Human Biology, I began working as an emergency room scribe. I started a humor blog on Medium for fun in late 2015, thinking no one would read it. But my pieces got popular, hundreds of reads became thousands, and through the blog I had the chance to interview for a gig as a production assistant at an animation studio. My brain felt like it melted; could the dream to be a writer become a goal? All because of a silly blog I started only for myself?

It could. With lots of hard work, supportive loved ones, and a concerning amount of caffeine, I learned the animation ropes and worked my way up from production assistant, to production coordinator, to script coordinator/writers assistant, to staff writer. I’m currently writing on an unannounced Dreamworks show for Netflix that is really cool and I can’t wait to talk about it in a million years. I’m repped by Thuan Dang at APA and have live action and animated samples (children’s and adult) available upon request. Inquiries can be sent on Twitter @ellie_guzman.

Last thing: Here’s a video of a little girl falling down! This is my website and I’m drunk with power!