Hi! I’m Ellie. Hold for applause.

I’ve always loved writing; it was my portal to the world as a kid living in a one bedroom apartment in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles (back before it was gentrified and there was ample parking. Imagine that.). However, as a first generation Latina woman without a financial safety net, I considered writing a pipe dream and decided I’d be a doctor instead.

After graduating from USC with a degree in Human Biology, I began working as an emergency room scribe in a tier one trauma hospital. It was rewarding work but I couldn’t stay away from my real passion, writing and generally being a comedy goblin.

I started a humor blog on Medium for fun in late 2015, thinking no one would read it and I could just write my jokes for fun. But my pieces got popular, hundreds of reads became thousands, and through the blog I was able to meet other writers which helped lead me to animation production opportunities. Finally, I took the leap and ditched the scrubs for t-shirts and began working at Dreamworks Animation.

With lots of hard work, supportive but slightly concerned loved ones, and an alarming amount of caffeine, I learned the animation ropes and worked my way up from production assistant, to production coordinator, to script coordinator/writers assistant, to staff writer. I have last written on Netflix’s top ten show Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight and am currently doing development at Dreamworks and other companies I can’t talk about because the NDA people will take my kidneys. I’ve also written for Disney, Netflix, Apple+, Mattel, and others. My goal is to continue writing comedy for both kids and adults in both live action and animation.

I’m repped by Thuan Dang at APA and have live action and animated samples (children’s and adult) available upon request. Inquiries can also be sent on Twitter at @ellie_guzman.